Quick and Safe Data Transfers

File backup is a must nowadays. Sometimes I find myself transferring gigabytes of data between different hard drives and folder locations. I’m going to cover some of tools I like to use when transferring large amounts of data from one location to another. This is a different process than hard drive cloning which I’ll cover later in a separate post. Transferring files is the process of dragging and dropping or copying and pasting from one location to another within your operating system environment.

When it comes to transferring multiple files in Windows, the built-in file copying feature can at times be unreliable by missing a corrupting data. In fact, the tool is pretty much worthless if you need to copy anything over 2GB and should be avoided at all costs if intend on making functional backups. Microsoft has a excellent rather unkown alternative that runs from the command line called “Robocopy,” which is short for “robust copy”. Robocopy is built into the Windows file system and can recover from data faults and copy interruptions. The downside is that it runs completely in command line and is not very user friendly to your everyday computer user.

Robust file copying for Windows

I have used Robocopy for years but recently discovered a nice alternative called TeraCopy. I have heard of this program before but never really gave it a shot. I was always scared away by its paid version but I must say that the free version is a great tool. This integrates with Windows Explorer’s right-click menu and can be set as the default for copying files. It skips over bad files instead of terminating the whole transfer like the built-in copier functions. It can also run checksums after it’s done to check for errors.

For Apple device I have never really needed a robust file copier. Apple systems seem to be built better at the root which has never really showed issues with file transfers. There are plenty of options out there such as XFile and UltrraCopier.


New website and hosting


It’s been several years since I’ve updated the site so I decided to take some time this winter to do some long overdue maintenance. I also found it was a perfect opportunity for me to switch hosting providers. I have multiple websites and servers that I manage both for myself and clients so ultimately I was attempting to consolidate and get everything in one spot. You might have already noticed that I’ve now added a blog section to the new website. I’ll be trying to blog as much as I can about everything technology related. I would really like to have an ongoing list of tech-tips and things that I find useful in the industry that will help the everyday user. I also plan to go into details about my hosting and wordpress move along with steps on how you can do the same. Check back in the near future for more blogs (hopefully)!


Audiosyntax Productions

Let me explain a little bit about who I am and what Audiosyntax is all about. Audiosyntax Productions is a comprehensive audiovisual communications company in Indianapolis, Indiana. We specialize in onsite multimedia services and logistics for event and stage productions. Established in 2005, Audiosyntax Productions LLC has played a part in the success of many small businesses, traveling artists, stage shows and corporate events in the Midwest.

Chief audio engineer and technician Nate Sparks has an elaborate background of audio and video system technologies and has over 10 years of professional experience in the studio and on the stage as an audio mix engineer and producer. Nate takes deep pride in the service he provides and will be sure to make your next project a success.

Nate Sparks in Studio

Audiosyntax Productions offers a variety of services all related to audio/video technologies for home and business. We offer multi-track recording services, studio production and engineering, live sound system installations and operation, as well as technology consultations and repairs. Audiosytax Productions LLC also offers a large range of IT related services for support of the latest IP/AV integrated technologies including CobraNet and Dante.

Check out our SERVICES page to see a larger list of the services we offer. Occasionally we will offer services that are not listed on the website so do not hesitate to contact us if your need is not listed. Many of our services are customized based on the details of the project. Each customer is different so we will be glad to talk you through your project and find a solution that works. You can contact us by using the form provided on our CONTACT page.